Income Tax Itemized Deductions

Will itemized deductions benefit me? To Itemize or Not, that is the question. The video below will help explain whether or not income tax itemized deductions are better for you than the standard deduction. One of the questions we sometimes get is whether or not a person should itemize deductions. Or we might have someone […]

Can I get fined for not having Health Insurance?

Are you wondering, “Can I get fined for not having Health Insurance?” The “shared responsibility payment” also known as penalties for not having health insurance began in 2014. ┬áNote, the employer requirements were extended to 2015 and 2016 depending on the size of the business, but the individual penalties are applicable for the 2014 tax […]

Premium Assistance Tax Credit

“Premium Assistance Tax Credit” and 2014 Tax Returns This is a hot topic as more people become aware of how the health care premium assistance will affect their 2014 income tax return. Watch the video below to learn more about how the premium assistance tax credit may affect you: For those who purchased insurance through […]