Overseas Earned Income Exclusion

This video shares some facts about the 2014 Overseas Earned Income Exclusion, also known as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. 2014 Overseas Earned Income Exclusion Up to a maximum of 99,200 for 2014 To qualify you must either be a Bona Fide Resident or meet the Physical Presence Test The Physical Presence Test is the […]

History of Taxation in US: Beginnings until the Great Depression

There is a lot of discussion of tax rates in the United States, especially every four years as an election approaches.  I remember when I was taking an accounting ethics course at Austin Community College, one student said that our tax structure is not as progressive as it used to be and the teacher quickly […]

History of Taxation in the US: Great Depression through WWII

Then, in 1932 during the great depression the highest rate shot up to 63%, which was for people making over a million dollars.  Obviously, there were not a lot of people making over a million dollars a year during the great depression.  Still, it was 50% for those making over $88,000.  And the lowest tax bracket […]

History of Taxation in US: Baby Boom years through Ronald Reagan

After the war was over in 1946, the top rate dropped slightly to 91% and the bottom rate dropped slightly to 20%.  It remained pretty constant until 1964.  It had a slight increase in rates in the early 50’s, but dropped back down to the 91% rate for the highest bracket and 20% for the […]