History of Taxation in US: Beginnings until the Great Depression

There is a lot of discussion of tax rates in the United States, especially every four years as an election approaches.  I remember when I was taking an accounting ethics course at Austin Community College, one student said that our tax structure is not as progressive as it used to be and the teacher quickly […]

History of Taxation in the US: Great Depression through WWII

Then, in 1932 during the great depression the highest rate shot up to 63%, which was for people making over a million dollars.  Obviously, there were not a lot of people making over a million dollars a year during the great depression.  Still, it was 50% for those making over $88,000.  And the lowest tax bracket […]

History of Taxation in US: Baby Boom years through Ronald Reagan

After the war was over in 1946, the top rate dropped slightly to 91% and the bottom rate dropped slightly to 20%.  It remained pretty constant until 1964.  It had a slight increase in rates in the early 50’s, but dropped back down to the 91% rate for the highest bracket and 20% for the […]

History of Taxation in US: Modern Day and Conclusions

Back to George Bush’s famous read my lips statement.   In 1991 and 1992 Congress added one additional bracket of 31% for married couples making over $82,000 per year.  It was only 2.5% additional tax on higher end taxpayers, and yet it hammered him politically.  I guess you do not make promises you cannot keep.  In […]