IRS Letters

Have you received an IRS letter or notice?  If so, we can help.

Most IRS notices are not full scale audits.  In most cases, they can be resolved with a letter and/or an amended tax return.

Why use us?


One of our specialties is in the handling of IRS letters.

Our letters and responses are normally completed within a few days.  Of course, that is dependent on you providing us the information we need on a timely basis.

We offer free consultations to all clients.  You only hire us, if we believe we can resolve your issue.


How it Works:

  1. Contact us by phone or by email or set up an appointment to discuss the basic situation.
  2. After talking to us, you will send a your IRS notice or letter and your tax return this can be done at the office or via email or fax.
  3. We will look at it for free to see what we need to do. We will also give you a free estimate of what our services will cost.

(if we do not think we can help, we will let you know that as well)

  1. We will complete our correspondence and any attachments (e.g., an amended return) in a timely fashion. You only pay us when we complete the work for you.
  1. Once you have paid us, you would have a chance to review the correspondence, before we send it to the IRS.