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As mentioned before, we offer tax services for Partnerships, Corporations, S-Corporations, LLC’s, as well as Estates and Trusts. Technically, Estates and Trusts are not businesses, so they are just included here for convenience. Also, if you are a Sole Proprietorship or a single member LLC please see the page for tax services individual as those would just be included on schedule C of your individual return.

Also, if you are required to file a franchise tax return with the state of Texas, as most of the above entities are, we are happy to prepare those for you as well. As with personal returns, business return prices are based on the time and complexity of doing the return. Most of the time, the price of business returns starts higher than that of personal returns, just because of their added complexity. But again, we strive to offer reasonable prices, and will get your return done in a professional and timely manner, assuming that you provide us all the information you need. Of course, we will let you know what information we need to provide your return. Unless you are a new business, we like to have a copy of your last two years returns for our files in order to prepare your current year return.

Obviously, for businesses we need a copy of your annual financial statements (or information) to prepare the return. We realize for small businesses this may be a simple excel file or a list of income and expenses to prepare returns. For bigger businesses this will be an income (P&L) and balance sheet. The cost of return will largely vary by how organized your financial information is when you bring it to us. If you have year-end financial statements with little changes to be made, we can move quickly to your return and save you money. If we have to do a lot to get your financial information to us, then obviously it is going to cost accordingly. We are happy to help you either way. We realize that bookkeeping is not some peoples’ forte, which is part of the reason we have a job! It is just to let you know for those interested in saving some money on tax preparation, the more organized your information is when you bring it in, generally the lower your fees will be.

Again, we invite you to call to set up an appointment for a free consultation or to have your tax return prepared.

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