Individual Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Preparation Killeen Harker Heights TX

We provide individual tax preparation from the simplest returns to very complex returns (farms, businesses, moving expenses, foreign income exclusion, etc.).  Our rates for the simplest returns start out at less than $100, before discounts or coupons.  Obviously, price will depend on the complexity of the return and the time it takes to prepare.  We will give you an accurate prices estimate up front to avoid surprises later on.  Many times our prices are comparable or less than what tax franchises charge.  Also, we do not charge per form. Some tax franchises charge for additional forms, even if there is no additional work on their end required.  For instance, we do not charge you more just because you qualify for the earned income credit or child tax credit, if it does not take us any longer to prepare your return.

In all, we offer a free initial consultation in which we can give you an accurate estimate for how much it will cost you to have us prepare the return.

In addition, you are receiving professional service from someone who is licensed and has been preparing taxes year around for the last eight years.  I also am able to deal with IRS issues, if for some reasons those things come up.

I am very up to date on all the new health care legislation, including the advanced premium credit and penalties (also known as the shared responsibility payment) for not having insurance.  I even wrote an article on about the premium tax credit for the Tuesday, January 13, 2015 edition of the Killeen Daily Herald.

As stated on other pages, our firm is built around three central tenets:  Professional Service, Reasonable Prices, and Quick Turnaround.  We want to prepare your return in a timely fashion, for a reasonable price, and always in a professional manner.

Call (254) 432-5724 or email to set up a free consultation or make an appointment for us to prepare a return for you.

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